No, we are independently owned and operated business.

We work with all major insurance companies.

Our Captain will prepare a risk assessment before each call for service. We’re not a “fair weather operation” and will respond unless an extreme safety issue arises.

Yearly policies last one year from their effective date.

From our slip, many areas of the Patuxent River would take too long to reach by water, but there is very limited service there. “Guardian 1” is a trailerable vessel and will respond to calls for service on the Patuxent River over land to a boat ramp.

This requires additional logistics and fuel, which adds
additional charges for service in that area.

Yes, we have partnered with several salvage companies and can provide these services if contacted.

We are looking for USCG Master Captains with their towing endorsements to utilize as part-time
backup captains.

It’s a 2004 SAFE Boat International Defender-25 with a weathertight Full-Cabin The preferred boat for many state and federal agencies. It has been repowered with twin Yamaha 225’s with heat and air conditioning. Per the manufacturer, it is “virtually unsinkable.” They are incredibly hard to capsize, yet they are not self-righting.

Yes. Towing service is billed at a rate of $250/hr. Guardian Marine LLC does not honor any service agreements other than those issued by Guardian Marine LLC. If you have a contract with another towing service and have already contacted them to respond to you, wait for them.

If you feel you’ve been waiting too long, contact your company and get their estimated time of arrival. We can come get you if you cancel their services, BUT YOU WILL BE CHARGED OUR HOURLY RATE. If your company is unavailable, you do have the right to cancel their response and request me. However, we will not race out to you if they are already enroute and step on the toes of our fellow marine assistance companies. Salvage rates are industry standards.

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