Guardian Marine

24/7/365 marine towing coverage

Guardian Marine LLC is locally owned and operated by a licensed USCG Master Captain who is also a mechanic, Certified Firefighter, Certified Police Officer, and a U.S. Army Combat Wounded Veteran.

A Calvert County native, Capt. Tom has literally dedicated his life to helping others. With his drive to help others, along with his love for boating, Guardian  Marine LLC was born.

All of the logistics of our towing assistance business were taken into consideration to provide you with the expedited service that you desire. The boat we purchased for the business is a retired USCG Defender Class response boat. It has been perfectly designed to be able to handle calls for assistance in many conditions that would leave most assistance vessels tied to the dock.

The location of our home port at the Rod ’N’ Reel in Chesapeake Beach, Maryland was chosen because it is centrally located in our service area and located right on the Bay, not in a marina buried somewhere upriver. The distance from our slip to the Bay takes less than five minutes. That eliminates lengthy no-wake zones that would extend our response times to you.

Purchasing a towing assistance package from Guardian Marine LLC should give you peace of mind knowing that we are right around the corner, standing by 24/7/365 to quickly assist you. Guardian Marine LLC is not a franchise and is locally owned. Know that your hard-earned money stays right where you operate your vessel.

Guardian 1 is equipped for many types of incidents including jump starts, electrical diagnosis, mechanical diagnosis, and even catastrophic emergencies like fire suppression and sinking. Call us at 410-610-7847 or hail “Guardian 1” on VHF 16. We can surely help you with just about any problem you have. If we can’t, we will likely know someone locally who can.

The service you desire, locally. – Capt. Tom- Guardian Marine LLC

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